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IV Hydration

What is IV Hydration Therapy?

Our complementary IV hydration therapy helps the stressed-out professional recover from the activities of being a weekend warrior by providing IV hydration and vitamins to refuel your life. Intravenous (IV) Therapy involves inserting a needle into your vein and infusing nutrient infusion formulas directly into your bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements.

This leads to feeling rejuvenated and alert. A complementary health assessment with our healthcare provider is included prior to IV Therapy to determine if IV vitamin/nutrient replenishment is safe for you.

IV Hydration Menu

Immunity Infusion

Designed to boost your immune system prevent sickness and make you feel better after setting sick.

The Hang Over

When you need to reboot after a long night out. Created to help alleviate hangover symptoms. Decreases nausea, and vomiting and rehydrate your body.

Radiant Beauty

Created to help reduce wrinkles, and quench skin from the inside out. Designed to bring out your skin’s natural flow and radiance, while fortifying hair, skin, and nails.

Athletic Recovery

Designed to decrease the time of recovery after an injury, while improving athletic ability. It will reduce your body’s inflammation.

Myers Cocktail

Alleviates ongoing pain, and asthma. allergies, stress, and migraines, Provide hydration while reducing your body’s inflammation.

IV Hydration Packages & Pricing

Session Packages

  • One session is $175.
  • Packages are available in 3 sessions, 6 sessions or 9 sessions. Contact us for package discounts.
  • Each package can be shared with a friend or family member.
  • Payment plans are available through Klarna for all packages.

IV Hydration Membership

  • $195 per month
  • Includes one IV Hydration session, and your choice of one shot of vitamin B12, Vitamin D or Glutathione

Single Shot Pricing

  • Vitamin B12- $40
  • Vitamin D – $40
  • Glutathione – $60
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Conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY. In-Office and In-Home visits available.

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